— nZEB tracker

nearly Zero-Energy Building tracker

As part of the ZEBRA2020 project, indicators were developed to measure the status of the market maturity for nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) in the European Union. The nZEB tracker focuses on dynamic market aspects and uses data from the ZEBRA2020 Data Tool to create nZEB-tracking graphs for each country and the EU as a whole.

The maturity of the nZEB market differs between EU Member States and the tracker presents market characteristics in a well-structured way. The used tracking criteria cover various aspects and thus, a sound and consistent evaluation tool is necessary to aggregate these results and present them in a clear way. For this purpose, the tracker uses a measurement and aggregation methodology which can be accessed via the ZEBRA2020 website. As a consequence, the nZEB tracker is more an evaluation tool than a data tool.

The chart below displays the resulting maturity of the EU nZEB market in 2014 on a scale between 0 (immature) and 1 (mature).

Maturity of the EU nZEB market in 2014