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The charts below display the aggregated results for the different criteria that have been defined to track the maturity of the national and in the end of the European market for nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. The criteria have been calculated and aggregated as described in the ZEBRA2020 report on the "Aggregation of nZEB monitoring criteria". It can be downloaded from the project website zebra2020.eu. The applied weighting factors for each year can be found on the page Methodology.
The ten criteria are:

  • Criterion 1: Market penetration of nZEB (C1: Market penetration nZEB)
  • Criterion 2: Ambition level and accuracy of national nZEB definition (C2: Ambition level)
  • Criterion 3: National policies supporting the market development for nZEB (C3: National policies)
  • Criterion 4: National progress towards cost-optimal building performance requirements (C4: Cost optimality)
  • Criterion 5: Level of industry involvement (C5: Industry Involvement)
  • Criterion 6: Availability of nZEB-relevant components (C6: Component availability)
  • Criterion 7: Market penetration of nZEB-relevant components (C7: Market penetration components)
  • Criterion 8: Level of nZEB-relevant expertise of actors (C8: Expertise)
  • Criterion 9: Level of awareness / information / acceptance in the society (C9: Communication)
  • Criterion 10: Dependency of property value/rent on the energy performance (C10: Property value)

The Criteria are expressed in scores between 0 and 1 as is the maturity of the national/EU nZEB market. Values of 0 can be interpreted differently:
a) no data is available;
b) requirements for a criterion are not fulfilled;
c) the nZEB market is not developed

Values of 1 can be interpreted as follows:
a) all requirements for a criterion are fulfilled
b) the nZEB market is mature

EU nZEB market

The chart below displays the historical development of the maturity of the European nZEB market. The results are affected by the availability of national data. Changing availabilities may result in changing weightings of the existing data and therefore in fluctuating graphs. Therefore it is important to not interpret the chart on the EU nZEB market without the accompanying national charts. The check boxes above the charts can be used to select or unselect the respective graphs of the chart. The data table below lists the figures that are illustrated in the chart.

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Additional information

C1: Market penetration nZEB0.
C2: Ambition level-----
C3: National policies0.090.140.410.510.52
C4: Cost optimality0.70.730.760.90.94
C5: Industry Involvement-----
C6: Component availability0.750.750.750.790.83
C7: Market penetration components-----
C8: Expertise0.420.550.740.720.63
C9: Communication----0.94
C10: Property value0.380.540.680.690.74
Total Score0.080.140.310.520.66

National nZEB market – Country view

This chart displays the score per criterion and the resulting market maturity for the selected country and year. The scope can be changed with the drop-down menus.

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National nZEB market – Criteria view

This chart displays the score per country and the resulting EU score for the selected criterion and year. The scope can be changed with the drop-down menus.

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